Prof. Videsh Raut.                               

       M.Ch.Orth.(Liverpool),  F.R.C.S.(Edin.), F.R.C.S.Ed.Orth.,

                       M.S.Orth.,  D.Orth.,  D.N.B.Orth.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Hon. Professor - Edge Hill University

 Hip & Knee Surgeon




Merits & Awards:


*        Ranked 8th in the University of Bombay amongst all students admitted to the medical colleges in  Jul. '76.


*        Secured  DISTINCTION in ANATOMY at the 1st M.B.B.S.  Examination of  the  University   of  Bombay, in Oct. 1977.


*        Winner  of the  POSTGRADUATE MERIT SCHOLARSHIP of the University of Bombay for  three consecutive years (1982 - 1984).


*        Awarded  the  GOLD  MEDAL  for the  paper  entitled  "Non-steroidal  anti  inflammatory drug effects on bone marrow fibroblast  colony formation",  adjudged  as the PROFESSOR'S MEDAL LECTURE at the  Old Oswestrians’  Club  XXXIX  Annual Meeting,  held  at  the  R.J.A.H. Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry in June 1990.


*        Awarded the Best Paper Prize for the paper entitled "Structural Bone Grafting of the Acetabulum in L.F.A." by the Ormskirk Postgraduate Medical Education Centre in 1991.


*        Winner of the  Travelling Fellowship  for 1993 by the Ormskirk Postgrad. Med. Centre.


*        Winner of the Smith  Nephew Research Travel Award for 1993, a cash Prize of £1000 for the paper "Bulk Autografts for Deficient Acetabulum in Charnley LFA - a 10 year experience" presented at the 22nd Instructional Course of the British Orthopaedic Association, in Jan 1993.


*        Secured a  Fellowship in Allograft Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee with Prof. Allan Gross at the Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada for the summer of 1993.


*        Visiting Fellow to  The Massachusetts General Hospital (Dr. William Harris) and  the         Mayo Clinic (Dr. Bob Cofield) for the summer of 1993.


*        Awarded the Best Poster Prize, a cash prize of 100,000 Yen at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association held at Kobe, Japan in April 1993 for the paper entitled " Long Term Results of Cemented Revision Arthroplasty for Fractured Stem"


*        Invited to write an article on One-stage revision for infected arthroplasties in the book Info-Med Orthopaedics Vol 2  published in 1996.


*        Invited in 1997 to be a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.


*        Invited  as Guest  Speaker on

            1.            the International Faculty for the  Orthocon  '93  Meeting  held at Coimbatore in India in November '93.

            2.            the Faculty for the Combined Meeting of the Rheumatology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, North-West Rheumatology Club & the Yorkshire & North Eastern Rheumatology Societies held at Wrightington in U.K. in June 1994.

            3.            the Faculty for the Charnley Era Meeting - Wrightington Hospital U.K. in Oct. 1994.

            4.            the Faculty  - Scandanavian Hip &  Knee Meeting  in Gottenberg, in  Nov 1995.

            5.            the Faculty for the Charnley Hip Society Meeting  held in Lyon, France in  December 1995.  

            6.            the International Faculty  for the Norwegian Hip Meeting  held in Oslo, Norway in  May 1996.

            7.            the Faculty for the Charnley Era Meeting  held at Wrightington Hospital in U.K. in June 1996, June 1998, June 2000, June 2002.

            8.            the Faculty  for the Musculo-skeletal Inf.  Meeting  held in Coventry, in  May 1997.

            9.            the International Faculty  for the Indian Arthroplasty Assoc.  Meet.  held in Bombay, India - Nov. 1997.

            10.          the International Faculty  for the 28th Meeting of the Japanese Soc. for Replacement Arthroplasty  to be held in Kanazawa, JAPAN - Mar. 1998.

            11.          the International Faculty  -  Arthroplasty  Meeting.  - in Metz, France - Sept. '98.

            12.          the International Faculty  -  "Instability & Hip Replacement" Meeting,  held in May '99, at Mandelieu in FRANCE.

            13.          the International Faculty  -  "Lyon Hip Meeting",  held in Dec'99, at Lyon in FRANCE.

            14.          the International Faculty  -  "2000 Advanced National Course of Total Hip Arthroplasty",  held in Oct '00, at Beijing in CHINA.

            15.          the International Faculty for the Charnley Hip Meeting  held in Lyon, FRANCE in Dec. 2000.

            16.          Visiting Faculty member on the M.Ch.Orth. Degree Course at Dundee, U.K. since 2001.

            17.          the International Faculty - "Arthroplasty Conference" in Tunis, TUNISIA to be held in June 2002.


*        Invited by the Indian Orthopaedic Association to organise a 2-Day course entitled "The Wrightington Hip Course" in Dec 2001.


*       Invited to write a Chapter  entitled "Total Hip Arthroplasty - Basics & Current Concepts" in a new Orthopaedic Text Book being published by Churchill Livingstone.




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